Download Firefox with Google Toolbar from Google Now

Firefox Google Toolbar requires Firefox v2.0 to v4.0*
(Not available in Firefox 5.0 to 35.0* or Firefox 36.0*)

Example of Google Toolbar for Firefox.

Download Firefox with Google Toolbar pre-installed at Google Using Firefox 2.0 to 4.0* Now?  Get Official Google Toolbar Extension!

Google will NOT be updating its Official Firefox Google Toolbar extension for Mozilla Firefox!
(The Last Official Google Toolbar for Firefox extension EVER will be for Mozilla Firefox 4.0*!)

Mozilla has now dropped support for All versions of Firefox except Firefox 36.0 or Firefox 3.6.28!
(If you are currently using Firefox 5.0 to Firefox 35.0, upgrading to Firefox 36.0 is now suggested.)

Download New Mozilla Firefox 36.0 direct from site! Download Firefox 36.0 (Current Officially Released Version!) direct from site!

Download New Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28 direct from site! Download Firefox 3.6.28 (Last Update for Firefox v3.6* tree!) direct from site!

Download New Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 direct from site! Download Firefox 4.0.1 (Last Update for Firefox v4.0* tree!) direct from site!

Firefox fans learned how to enable Google Toolbar in Firefox version 7+ or later (edit install.rdf file to allow up to v39).
Due to ALL Firefox memory issue(s) FINALLY being fixed, new Mozilla Firefox 36.0 is now as fast as Google Chrome!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Mozilla Firefox web browser!
Congrats to Mozilla on Firefox 10th Anniversary!

Google Chrome browser vs. New Mozilla Firefox 36.0 browser
Google is feeling Lucky, but Firefox 36 is HOT!

This pic was rumored to be a new Mozilla Firefox browser logo!
Does this photo resemble Firefox logo or what?

Mozilla Firefox Release Date History (1.0 to 36.0)

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Release Date = November 9, 2004
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Release Date = October 24, 2006
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Release Date = June 17, 2008
Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Release Date = March 22, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Release Date = June 21, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 6.0 Release Date = August 16, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 7.0 Release Date = September 27, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 8.0 Release Date = November 8, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Release Date = December 21, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 10.0 Release Date = January 31, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Release Date = March 13, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Release Date = April 24, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 13.0 Release Date = June 5, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 14.0 Release Date = June 26, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 15.0 Release Date = August 28, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 16.0 Release Date = October 9, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 17.0 Release Date = November 20, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 18.0 Release Date = January 6, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 19.0 Release Date = February 19, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Release Date = April 2, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 21.0 Release Date = May 14, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Release Date = June 25, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 23.0 Release Date = August 6, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Release Date = September 17, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 25.0 Release Date = October 29, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 26.0 Release Date = December 10, 2013
Mozilla Firefox 27.0 Release Date = February 4, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Release Date = March 18, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 29.0 Release Date = April 29, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 30.0 Release Date = June 10, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 31.0 Release Date = July 22, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 32.0 Release Date = September 2, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Release Date = October 14, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 34.0 Release Date = December 12, 2014
Mozilla Firefox 35.0 Release Date = January 13, 2015
Mozilla Firefox 36.0 Release Date = February 24, 2015

Firefox 37.0 planned release date: March 31, 2015

Current Time:

YOU are Only 2 Minutes Away from a Wonderful World of Faster, Safer Web Browsing!

By default, Mozilla Firefox comes with a search box that uses Google. But without the Google Toolbar installed, you'll be missing LOTS of powerful features that are very easy to use. With it, you could set up the standard Firefox search box to use Yahoo Search, Microsoft's Bing Search, or ANY other search site for an instant second opinion to find whatever you want. It is also suggested you Turn ON Google Page Rank option, so you can see the 1-10 Rating that Google shows for every page on the the web as you surf! For more info about Google Page Rank, see our Google Toolbar for Firefox Links page.

You may have seen some websites with a button to show their Google Page Rank. When you install Firefox with Google Toolbar, YOU can set it to always show a 1-10 Score for EVERY web page! It's a cool feature you'll enjoy in Firefox. Why NOT try it and see for yourself NOW? (Actual file download is direct from Google, so it's Free, Fast & SAFE!)

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Once installed, experience the wonderful world of Faster, Safer Web Browsing!

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